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Just like with any disease, each individual is different, each individual’s needs are different, and each person’s healing happens differently. A wide variety of treatment options exist, both for the person suffering from addiction and for that individual’s loved ones, but sometimes they’re difficult to find, and understanding which is likely to be the right treatment or support group and protocol can be challenging.


That’s where Tina’s Wings Screening Program can help. Let our program be the resource and guiding light in this difficult time. Through Tina’s Wings Screening Program and our partnership with Baptist Care & Counseling, our Foundation opens the door to a process by which the addicted person and/or his or her loved one can speak with an experienced professional, share key information about their situation, and receive guidance on the options that are most likely to be successful.



The disease of addiction does not discriminate. An individual’s age, gender, intelligence, athleticism, confidence and socio-economic status do not matter when it comes to propensity to become addicted. And just as everyone is unique in their potential to develop a reliance on substances, every person’s therapy and treatment needs must be tailored to them.


Individuals accepted into the Tina’s Wings Screening Program are assessed by an expert with Baptist Care & Counseling. The assessment covers medical and psychological details as well as personal, professional, and academic information that may indicate key factors that may illuminate the severity of the problem, reveal underlying additional problems and influences, and may impact treatment recommendations.



Tina, her parents, and her sisters experienced these challenges firsthand during Tina’s struggles. Time after time, at various stages and critical moments during the journey that was Tina’s disease, the Daileys didn’t know whom to call or where to turn next. They didn’t know if Tina needed in-patient care or could manage her recovery via meetings while living at home. They were lost as to whether a 28-day program could be sufficient or if Tina’s disease would require months of intensive work in order to establish her initial sobriety.


When Vilma established the Tina Dailey Foundation and considered how she could help others, she realized that there is a gap in the addiction world that needs to be filled, a significant hurdle placed in the path of those seeking help. With Tina’s Wings Screening Program, Vilma fervently hopes to start to fill that gap and help others overcome this same hurdle.



How To Apply for The Tina's Wings Screening Program

Reach out to us at: phone 305.204.9907 or email us at

We will set up an intro call, gather your information then set up a 60 minute Biopsychosocial Assessment / therapy session with the expert therapists at Baptist Care & Counseling at which time, the individual is assessed for the level of care

Ff the individual does not meet the criteria for the Care & Counseling program, we assist in connecting them to another facility during the session