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Tina's Ambassadors is a program designed to arm students with knowledge of addiction. Knowledge allows people to make better decisions. Addiction can start young, so we feel it's important to start education about addiction with our youth. Big picture, the program will allow our teens to develop an understanding on how to combat addiction, overdose, stigma and the difficult choices they may face.

We're excited about this program because we'll be working with the teens to empower them; they'll be equal partners in developing and enhancing the program and determining the best way to educate their peers about the reality and struggles of alcohol and drug abuse, and most importantly, what to do to help. Each Ambassador program is tailored and designed to fit the needs of the particular high school.

Addiction is a disease of isolation and Tina's Ambassadors will be the hand that reaches out to those in need and struggling; helping break down the walls of stigma and judgment. They'll have a hand in improving their future and the future of their peers. Since losing Tina Dailey to this disease, we have committed ourselves through the foundation's mission to assist, as an agent of change, in improving the future for those who struggle with alcohol and drug addiction, as well as provide strength for family members and friends who support them.

Education, removal of stigma and hope are deeply interwoven at the core of The Tina Dailey Foundation.

Fun, Exciting & Purposeful things you will be a part of as a Tina Ambassador

  • High school student (9th–12th grade)
  • Plan & be involved in one TTDF event at high school (round table discussion, speaker, educational seminar, reenactment, make video/docu/iMovie, pep rally, etc.)
  • Plan a TTDF fundraiser event with the high school (car wash, tennis tourney, fun run, scavenger hunt, sell merch)
  • Volunteer at one of our events
  • Social Media Campaign; commit to post, using branded hashtags, post from our events/high school event
  • Write one blog post on our blog, Tina’s Topics

Our Offer

  • Earn community service hours
  • Internship
  • Letter of recommendation for college, Silver Knight, National Honor Society or any other letter of recommendation needed
  • Act as a job reference
  • Internship credits
  • Add to website under Tina’s Ambassadors with picture (if requested)
  • Photoshoot with The Tina Dailey Foundation collection featured on Tina’s Shop

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