Survey for Tina's Ambassadors

Welcome, students! Congrats on becoming The First Official Tina’s Ambassadors.

We’re very excited that you’re interested in joining Tina's Ambassadors and helping us at The Tina Dailey Foundation share important knowledge about drug and alcohol use, misuse, abuse, and addiction.

We loved reading your submissions and what encouraged you to reach out to be a part of this initiative.

We want to make a meaningful difference in your life and the life of your friends and loved ones. To get off on the right foot it would help us to understand a little bit about you – your interests, your talents and ideas.

As your first Ambassador task, we ask you to take a few minutes to fill out this brief questionnaire. We want to get to know you and to gain insight of how we can help you while you get to know us as well. Thank you for your time and your interest!

Important Note: The information you provide is confidential. None of this information will be shared and is solely to help us make this time as valuable as possible. That being said, please don’t feel pressure to share anything you’re not comfortable sharing.

Name *
1. What interests, skills and talents would you bring to your Ambassadorship with TTDF? *
2. Please let us know which of the following you'd be interested in for your Ambassadorship (mark as many as appropriate). We'd love to know how we can help you as you help us. We have your back. *
4. What would you like to participate in during your Ambassadorship? *
5. We think it’s important to meet with the Ambassadors on a consistent basis (twice a month or once a month). What is the best time to gather and meet with all the Ambassadors? *
7. What kinds of substances do you believe are being most abused by young people today (choose the top 3 that you feel are prevalent)? *
8. What knowledge do you most want to gain as an Ambassador? (choose your top 3) *
9. If you are comfortable sharing this, has your life been affected in any way by addiction? This question is optional.