In making a difference, we honor Tina.
Tina made a difference in the lives of those who knew her. We honor her by making a difference in the lives of those who suffer from addiction.

The Disease of Addiction

Addiction is a brutal, ugly master. Derived from a Latin term for “bound to,” anyone who has struggled to overcome an addiction — or has tried to help someone else to do so — understands why. In the grips of addiction, creative, loving, intelligent, compassionate and accomplished human beings have their brains hijacked as the need to use alcohol or other drugs severely and painfully overrides even the most basic functions of survival. Using becomes an addict’s primary purpose as changes in neurological functioning erode a person’s self control, remove their ability to make sound decisions and steal the freedom to live a life they so richly deserve. 

As our nation’s largest and most devastating health crisis, addiction affects over 22 million men and women in the United States every year. It is an equal-opportunity destroyer affecting nearly 1 in 11 Americans and their loved ones from every age, income and ethnic group. Sadly, only 10% of those afflicted with this crippling disease get the help they need and only one out of three people who suffer from addiction ever recover. 

Yet this disease remains deeply misunderstood. Fundamental misconceptions about what addiction is – and the people who suffer from it – have led to a complete failure in our society. Because of stigma, a lack of awareness, proper resources in our communities for addicts and their beloved family members as well as friends, loved ones, schools and employers – people cycle in and out of treatment, lives are lost, futures are shattered, families are destroyed and the brutal, ugly master continues to inflict a devastating social, human end economic toll. 

Tina Dailey and the Tina Dailey Foundation

At the Tina Dailey Foundation, we are dedicated to changing that. Because we believe what science has been saying for over 70 years. Addiction is not a willpower issue, a moral failing, the byproduct of poor upbringing or someone simply making bad choices.

Addiction is a brain disease.
Addiction sufferers are not bad people that need to be good.
They are sick people who need to get well.

And we are relentlessly devoted to giving people the information, education, support and access to the life-saving resources they need in order to stop this destructive cycle. Tina Dailey lost her battle with addiction, but we keep her spirit alive through The Tina Dailey Foundation – established to help individuals suffering from addiction get the help they deserve, defeat this disease, flourish in recovery and live the lives they were meant to live – a full and enriching life that Tina never got the chance to experience. 

Whatever you see in your mind’s eye when you think of an addict, Tina was the opposite. She was the light and energy in any room. She was not just keenly intelligent but also acutely attuned to current events, and she could readily debate any topic with a sparkle in her eye and a ready smile on her lips. Her friends and family knew her for her warmth, her heart, her embrace and her laughter. Tina didn’t succumb to addiction to escape the struggles of a broken family, loneliness, or a lack of opportunity. She was raised in a loving, secure, upper class home, excelling in both academics and athletics at the private school she attended, and throughout her life she was surrounded by family, friends and colleagues who supported and loved her.

Our Board & Our Mission

As a 501(c)3 non-profit established here in Tina’s community in South Florida, The Tina Dailey Foundation is proud to have gathered dedicated local and national clinical experts, business leaders, family and close friends who have been touched by Tina’s indomitable spirit and who share Tina’s energy, passion and enthusiasm for life and for recovery. Through the current and future work of our Board and its committees, we will help to rebuild lives upon the foundation of these five core pillars in all that we do. 

  • To be agents of change: developing and delivering quality, evidence-based recovery support services designed to improve the future for individuals who struggle with maintaining recovery and for the family members and friends who love them.

  • To raising awareness: engaging with employers, schools, places of worship and other key community stakeholders about the science of addiction and the methods of obtaining and maintaining remission from the disease.

  • To providing access to the latest research available: sharing current, innovative research on the disease of addiction as well the prevention and treatment interventions that lead to proven, positive outcomes.

  • To eliminate the devastating stigma that exists in our society: carrying a message of healing and hope and eradicating the guilt and disgrace so often associated with addiction and serving as the primary barrier towards a life free from addiction for addicts and those whose lives they touch.

  • To identifying and sharing resources: that will help addicts and their families find the support they so desperately need by connecting people in our community to well-informed, ethical practitioners of addiction medicine and supportive medical and psychotherapeutic services.

  • To provide support: partnering with like-minded local, national and international organizations with which our guiding principles and Tina’s legacy of service and selflessness create a productive, mission-driven alignment of purpose.

Mission Statement

The Tina Dailey Foundation's goal is to assist, as an agent of change, in improving the future for those who struggle with alcohol and drug addiction, as well as provide strength for family members and friends who support them.

Education, removal of stigma and hope are deeply interwoven at the core of The Tina Dailey Foundation.

The Butterfly Logo

Those closest to Tina agreed, not long after her passing, that Tina was very like a butterfly. She was beautiful to all who knew her, but she couldn’t really see her own beauty as we did. She was a free spirit who never seemed fully tethered to the earth, most of the time in most enviable way. Tina’s life was brief, but in her short time here she brought beauty and wonder to everyone who encountered her.

Thus, the idea for the logo was born and lovingly fostered into its full-fledged form by Tina’s mother, Vilma Dailey. Vilma partnered with a talented digital artist who took Vilma’s beautiful sketch of the image she envisioned and brought it to life in gentle curves, soft wings and simple, clean lines. But that’s not the complete story… Did you recognize the TD initials in the wing of the butterfly? Those letters are direct replicas of Tina’s handwriting, copied from notes she wrote.

When you look at our logo, you’re looking at yet another wonder of beauty Tina herself helped to create.